Friday, March 31, 2006

Preparing for the horror of... apparently huge/gigantic yarn stash. Yep, I've signed up for flash you stash(forgot to add the button though) and am now preparing my room for it. My room looks awful at the moment, cause I had no time to really clean it up this past month. Everything lies on the floor, old newspapers, books, pens etc.
Here's a pic from last week and it doesn't look much better now:
In fact it is worse now since two big boxes arrived yesterday. One with yarn and one with fiber. Pics of them tomorrow with the rest of the stash as I'm currenty recharging batteries.
I think it must have been some time last year when my stash went out of control. Even now with my new rule of buying enough yarn for a project vs just buying one ball to "try out", I gathered enough to fill another one of my big plastic boxes.
Alright let's move on to knitting. I completed the black tubey sweater on wendnesday after having to frog the arms once. They did roll up a lot in stockinette which I should have known before, but ignored. I redid them in the K3,P1 ribbing that is used at the body.
I also finished my first pair of cotton socks and will so have to buy cotton sock yarn next month(hey, I really need it as I don't have any!).
My purple doily is currently on hold. It's gotten too big to comfortly knit on the short dpns and I will need some tiny circular needles before I can continue. How can it be that we(my mum and I) own circulars in almost any size and length except for the ones we need?
Unfortunately last time I checked(yesterday morning and evening!) the financial aid still wasn't on my account. Ok, it should be there tomorrow, but most of the time it's beeing transferred a couple of days ahead.
Back to cleaning up....

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Blogger PURLPOWER said...

I can't bear to flash my stash again this year, mainly because it has spread all over the house and the thought of gathering it all up together is too distressing!

11:57 AM, March 31, 2006  

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