Friday, March 31, 2006


Just as I was unpacking all my yarn and prepared to do the first "shot"(don't expect any artistic photos, but more tomorrow...), the door bell rang. It was my second Wollfee present!
I was thrilled and started to open it right away, look at the goodies she send me:

Don't worry about the delay, I can understand your busyness. I also haven't send my Wollprinzessin the third present. I was just too busy with studying and passing exams.
I really love what you send me! The socks fit perfectly, what kind of heel is it? And the white yarn id wonderfully soft! Thanks!
The bath bomb will be used in a few minutes too...ah, I think the tube is filled by now. Stash pics tomorrow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, jetzt erst angekommen? Da muss ich aber entweder meinem Freund oder der Post die Ohren langziehen.

Ich gruesse Dich lieb aus Syrien, momentan sitze ich in einem ziemlich versifften Internetcafe in Damaskus *grins*.

Ich melde mich wieder, sobald ich zurueck bin!

LG die wollfee

7:18 PM, April 01, 2006  

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