Sunday, April 30, 2006


Thanks for your comments on the "Test"-sweater. I'm finished with the body on the silk version(still have to come up with a name for it) and now have to wait cause I don't own size 4.5mm DPNs! I have 4mm and 5mm, but of course no 4.5mm...
A few answers:
Sandra asked:"Will you put some ribbon through holes? "
Yes, that was the original plan, but I have yet to find some in a contrasting color.
kim asked:"Are they both original works and can or should I say, would you share?"
The tubey is from here), the other one is my own deisgn and it'll be posted after I finish the silk version of it(probably next week if I can find the DPNs).
purlpower asked(ok, more said):"You seem to have lost about a stone since you last put pics up of yourself modelling a jumper! I hope this is good sensible weight loss and not a sign that you are poorly."
I assume you meant eat poorly ;-) Rest assured I have lost not that much since I last posted a pic of me. I was just wearing a bulky sweater then. But I've lost a lot of weight indeed over the course of two years by changing my eating habbits(not eating two warm meals a day, not so much sweets etc.) and walk to places instead of taking the bus when ever possible. I didn't really focused on loosing weight and actually have no idea how much I lost cause I have not been on a scale since 2002. I could never ever eat poorly, I love to eat too much for that ;-)


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