Sunday, April 30, 2006


I'm seriously thinking about moving this blog or better to say start a new one.
I've thought about it before, but my html/css etc. skills weren't that good back then plus I wanted a free service incase it's just a phase.
But now I have stuck to it for over a year and I'm missing certain features like file storage or the ability to add a page. I've looked into different blog services and even began thinking about movable type, but I came across blogspirit. I'm trying it out at the moment and have spent half the day with the template. I think I'll need more storage/bandwidth and such with time, but upgrading that only costs 3$ per month. Less than any host would cost.
Anybody of you using blogspirit and can give tips about it? Any disadvantages?

Sorry, more knitting content tomorrow

EDIT: Argh! I was just changing the template there and then saw that there was an "easier" way to change the sidebars...lost all changes I had made to the right sidebar!!! I guess you have to decide whether you want to use the "advance" or "easy" changing things...
btw. if you want to know what it looks like so far:

EDIT2: Ok, I knew there must be a disadvantage with blogspirit. They don't have anything to stop spam comments! I can't believe it! No wordverification or anything else!


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