Monday, July 24, 2006

new alarm-clock...kind of

I was woken up on saturday at 5:30am by an air hammer...I was sooooooooo pissed! I stood up and went on the balcony and saw that a bit to our right they were making a little hole in the street. Irritated and a bit angry I asked my mum why the hell they have to do this on a saturday morning. She then pointed out to me, that there was sand on the street and it was wet there too...hmm some water thing seems to have been broken!
But why do they make the hole to the right? Good question and an hour later, after 6 more people arrived they were making another, bigger hole more to the left *eye-rolling* and used a digger that was connected with a truck to get rid of the sand from the hole. When we returned from grocery shopping, they were gone, the hole still there...
...Sunday afternoon we heard police sirens and a lot of noise as if people were moving the barriers. Look what a little hole can turn into when the workers leave off work without putting the sand back in the hole and it rains overnight(+a mysterious water leak):

So, this whole week and possible the next week I won't need to set my alarm-clock. The workers wake me up at around 7:15 anyway...Have I mentioned that because it's so warm I don't go to bed before 1am?

Knitwise I have started the secret project and continued knitting the Mystery Shawl, pictures tomorrow, I promise. I also finished the OSW and managed to complete the knitting kit AND send it!
Next week I will have to go to campus to sign up for the next three exams...probably also should start learning again then...probably...

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Blogger mf said...

EKKKS! I wouldn't be very happy!!

3:02 AM, July 28, 2006  

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