Monday, July 17, 2006

wonderfull weekend start

Friday was one of the best days this year!
Though it didn't looked like it in the morning, when I woke up at 5am(!!!!) and couldn't go back to sleep eventhough I had only gone to bed at 12 and it took me an hour to fall asleep. Only four hours would probably make anyone a bit grumpy...
The math test was at 12.15, so one could think I had enough time to wake up, pack everything, shower etc. To calm my nerves I knitted a bit on the mystery shawl (=50rows) and time just flew by...You see were that leads, right?
In the end I had 35min to pack my bag, wash my hair, dry it and run to catch the bus.
At the train station I realized a)I still had enough time left and would be early and b) forgot my calculator! Time to panic, but surprisingly I didn't. There's nothing like using a piece of paper and a pen to multiply and divide fractions, trains the brain they say.
The math test went well. If I got everything I wrote down right, I'll have 18 points out of 24 and you only need 10 to pass. The fractions were no real problem, though of course it took me longer to calculate than if I had a nifty calculator! Thank god all roots were eliminated by squares, don't think I could have calculate them by hand.

I came back home and a few hours later had to get dressed for the evening. My mum, some friends of her and me were going to a Reggae concert! It was one of the best concerts I ever went to, which was just partially due to the music. I think what made it so special was more the ambiance/ambience(sp?). Hey, if my mum starts to jump around when everyone else does, it must have been real good! My mum usually refuses to jump and gives one of her I'm-to-old-for-that speeches. We stood right in front of the stage and danced for almost the entire time(3 hours minus 30min when they changed the instruments for the second group).
And here's a pic to proof that I'm not just making it up(please note that 1. my mum's photo-inapt friend made this pic and 2. I hate the way I look when I laugh)

Oh and my mum was of course wearing the top I made her for motherday! (Sorry, no pic as I don't think my mum wants to have pics of her on the net)

I'll leave you with a picture of my lorna's socks:

P.S.: The weekend itself was quite eventless, but just what I wanted after all that study stress
P.P.S.: Eventough Reggae should be about love etc. one woman doesn't seem to have understood that as she spat(!) on my mum's friend for taken her place on the barrier infront of the stage! Mind you, that woman was as old as my mum and had her two children(my guess is 17 & 12-13) with her! She's really lucky my mum's friend didn't want any trouble, cause she normally wouldn't have hold her temper(and she's good at being angry etc). We got the security people involved and he spoke with her. Later a nice couple stood between us, so that crazy woman was a distance away from us. Honestly, how f*** up are some people! I really feel sorry for her kids. The younger one even changed place with her so she wouldn't start anything again, so I guess this is not the first time she did something like this.

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Blogger mf said...

ohhhh Love those LL!!

3:13 AM, July 18, 2006  
Anonymous Alyce said...

Hi! I've been looking for one of those sheep measuring tapes all over the place. Could you please please tell me were you got it or where I could get one? I'd be ever so grateful! Thanks! You can email me at *bachemar at yahoo dot com* Thanks again!

4:12 AM, July 18, 2006  
Blogger Whimsical Knitting said...

1st of all...I can't believe that woman did that!!!! poor children, what might they grow up to be?!
I love, love your those short row heels!
Sounds like the concert was fun! WTG with your math!!!

9:26 PM, July 18, 2006  
Blogger PURLPOWER said...

The behaviour of other people in group situations is a constant source of disappointment for me!

Glad you had a great time though. And well done on the maths.

Now get doing some swatches! Maybe you should leave your knitting in the fridge over night and then it will keep your hands cool when you come to knit it the next day......

12:46 PM, July 22, 2006  

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