Tuesday, August 22, 2006

SAM2 update

I'm participating in the Sock-a-month 2 Kal, partly to force me to blog about the socks I knit(and well, you can win something!). I realized that I only posted pics of some of the socks I knitted and forgot to do so for the last few weeks. Socks mostly get worn the minute they are finished and once they end up in the washer and afterwards in the wardrobe, I'll never take a photo. I just forget which socks I had already blogged about and which not.
Ok, here are the socks I finished this month.
First a pair for my mum out of Opal handpainted yarn. I think it's called midnight something and is a lot darker in reality.

And here's a pair out of some blue-green-yellow yarn (probably from Online). I'm thinking about gifting it to a friend who's birthday is coming up(so convenient she has the same shoe size than me!).

And here's my current SIP(sock-in-progress). I casted on with this yarn multiple times before to knit socks for me, but no matter what kind of pattern I used, it sucked. Now I'm knitting kids socks out of it and they look so much better. Guess it was destined to be kid socks yarn anyway.

I don't have any other knitting project beside socks at the moment, so nothing distracts me from learning. You know, the just-going-to-finish-one-more-row-obsession I always get. Talking about learning I still don't have an appointment for my third exam as one prof seems to be on vacation and the other one only offered two days, both fully booked now! But the nice lady at the examination office said she would ask him about one more day in october...cross your fingers for me please.



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