Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Destashing ideas

First of all, the day before yesterday was obviously day six of MLUAAGOV as you can see:

I can't cook, but so can't really my mum. She probably would have prepared some potatoes and ready-made sauce to go with, but that's not what I call cooking either. Of course she blames us, cause we are so hard to cook for...well, who's the one who got us accustomed to junk food and ready-made meals huh? And who has made a big fuss about the "mess around the kitchen" every time in the past I actually cooked something(out of real cooking books)?
Actually while trying desperately to come up with something I can make to eat I realized I really want to learn to cook. Some easy and yummy meals I can make when mummy isn't here. Will have a look on some books next time I go shopping, meanwhile if you know any online place with receipts, tell me.

As I've said multiple times before both my yarn and my fabric stash are much too large. I know there are crafty ladies out there with larger stashes, but they are probably not still living at home in a tiny room, right?
But I do and I'm slowly getting annoyed by not having enough room and it's rather crowded in here. So I'm searching for destashing ideas. I don't really want to sell anything via ebay, because 1.I smoke in my room, so my stash smells and 2. I just can't part with most of it.
I've already gotten rid of one big sack of yarn that I threw away! Don't worry, it was all yucky yarn, glittery and fuzzy etc.

I might have a new purpose for my cotton fabrics though. I received a wonderfull quilt kit from a swap on craftster! Now all I need is a rottary cutter, mat and ruler. Before I began knitting these were high on my wish list, but then I began to knit more and sew less. I already checked out some online places and the three things would cost me about 60€. I thought about putting them on my birthday wish list, but my birthday seems sooooooo far away(30.september). So yesterday I got my big glass with change down and counted it ->31€! I'm going to have a look on how much the cutter etc. cost in my local store and might buy it today!!!

Btw. look at the great kit I received:

Edit: The whole set(cutter, mat, ruler) would only be approx. 64€ at my local store, but unfortunately they are out of 45X60cm mats. They will get them in two weeks! Two weeks seems so long and I'm not sure I really want to wait. But if I ordered online it would probably take a week and I wouldn't get free replacement blades....I'm just too impatient at the moment!

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Anonymous SP4 Javede said...

Your store gives you FREE replacement blades? Mine just points out the ones you can buy and looks at you blankly when you say something like "Can I get these ones sharpened?" My advise is to wait and get the biggest mat you can. I ended up with 3 because I started too small and finally ended up with the correct size. Have fun with the quilting. It's a blast (although I don't think it's as much fun as knitting).

4:17 PM, August 07, 2006  
Blogger PURLPOWER said...

Here's some recipe links that I use a lot:

I love cooking, probably as much as I love knitting, maybe even more because when I can't cook (at the moment it is hard because I can't stand up for any length of time) I get really, really fed up.

Have you thought of enrolling in a local education course? I don't know if you have adult education classes in Germany but here in the UK the cookery ones are among the most popular. We have to pay for them but there are lots of discounts and students usually get them for free.

10:42 AM, August 12, 2006  

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