Friday, December 01, 2006

KIP and swaps

Yesterday evening I kip'ed for the first time in a theater! We(mum+me) went to see

It was a preview, so tickets only cost about 22€ and you could chose where to sit. They opened the hall 1.5 hours before it began and we arrived 30 minutes prior to that. We had superb seats, fourth row right in the middle with a little table between us to put the drinks on! So, that left me with much time to knit the second christmas sweater, but more below. I loved the musical, the actors, the singing and all. My mum on the other hand had seen it before with a different cast a few years ago and said she liked the first one better, but this one wasn't bad either. Ok, I admit I think the music and accustic in general was a tiny bit too loud. And once one of the mikes went out, but the woman mastered this situation wonderfully and just continued to sing without. Well and the voices of the three ladies of course overshadowed everyone else. They probably should think about adjusting the mikes volume for them...
..anyway I think it was a great evening with standing ovations and clapping and a little dancing at the end(you really can't stand still with this kind of music, atleast I can't ;-)).

Knitwise, I brought some contrasting yarn, frogged part of the christmas sweater for my cousin and reknit the yoke. I like it this way much better and have, as written above, already started the second one for her sister in the same color(to avoid envy between them; am I glad I don't have a sister!).

I've also received two craftster swap packages lately. I wish I had the time to write a bit more about them and not just show the photos, but I have a bunch of things to do before we leave and I'm already running late. We're going to visit my grans-aunts again for the weekend, so no blogging for the next few days.
Hogfather swap; from Angry Angel; vote for Claudius, the Eater of socks:

My country doesn't have that; from ScotSkipper(US):

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