Saturday, December 16, 2006

teaser post

I finally found some time to blog, in the wee hours of the morning! But I only have a few minutes and just two photos :-( So this is more of a teaser post than a real one. I may have some time later or tomorrow to show some knitting content etc.

I have brought a lot of stuff recently and most of it is indeed craft related. The teaser for that is this:

It's "the Crafter's Companion" and I brought it during the Hipknits sale. I've been wanting to order it for some time, but resisted the temptation...untill the sale. I didn't brought anything else there though as I was too later for the silk and really, I don't need more yarn...
The second pic is a craft teaser:

Yes, that's Fira from Ikea! To the right you can see some Ikea boxes I brought and painted years ago and during my last trip to Ikea I thought I could use another one. I should have gotten suspicious when the package was so flat... now have to assemble it yourself! That includes hammering nails into the wood, preferably straight and not bend. I've got no problem at all with drilling holes, using screwdrivers etc, but my weak point always have been nails. Let's just say it took me quite some time to put this one together though only two nails were waisted during the process.
Painting was so much easier and fun! I also painted the picture frame and inserted a postcard I brought along many other things at a dissolving of a household(that was 2 weeks ago in Cuxhaven...I really have a lot to blog about!).

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Blogger PURLPOWER said...

very organised crafty lady!

5:04 PM, December 16, 2006  

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