Sunday, April 15, 2007

Fabric? Fabric!

Yesterday was truely a fun day. I really liked it that I didn't had to go to the fabric market alone. The reason my mum volunteered was that my dad needed the car and I had to go there by public transportation. The tour itself wasn't that complicated rather faster than I thought it would be(45minutes one way), but I am weak. No, not just towards buying too much fabric and given in buying more stuff I don't need, but in the carrying sense of the word. It's a bit embarassing, but my almost 50 year old mother can lift things I can't! In the end it wasn't that heavy, mainly because the fabrics were all rather light, but it helped that she carried half of it.
Seriously, my left shoulder hurt on friday evening after only carrying my messenger bag to and from campus two days in a row! Granted it was indeed heavy since I needed some stuff, water bottle etc., but not that kind of heavy...
Anyway I decided I need to sort through my fabric stash once again and get it organized better. I have one big plastic bag that is either going to be sold on Ebay or just thrown away. Mostly stuff I brought the year I learned to sew or fabric that was gifted to me that I didn't liked in the first place. Then I will need to find a better place for the rest of my stash. At the moment it is stored in big cardboard boxes and plastic bags, but that is so not working. I never know what I have or have not! I was thinking about getting some kind of drawer/shelf thing to put into my closet. It is deep enough that one should fit into. I will probably have access to the car next week and will visit some cheapo furniture shops.
And I finally made the last two items for my SP. There were some minor problems, mostly me forgetting to add X before doing Y, but they look ok. Which means that I will be able to send next week!

P.S.: I colored my hair yesterday too! The package said it's blue-black, but honestly it's more black than blue. It's not permanent since I wouldn't do that myself. I've got quite different hairstructure than the average german woman(now, that's a surprise, right ;-) ) so I don't trust those permanent hair coloring products much. Unfortunately a trip to the hairdresser is out of the question at the moment, but black hair is ok.

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