Saturday, July 28, 2007


First, take a look at the receipt I got for HP:

That really made me smile :-)

There's a bunch of stuff I want to blog about but I've got to go in a few minutes. Because I don't want to delay this post yet again(I started it last Monday!), I will just post the pictures and write a bit about them:
First of some totes/bags I made for a swap on Craftster:

The skull on the second bag is hand-embroidered with floss that glows in the dark! Embroidery is really addictive, especially smaller motives get finished in no time at all(in contrast to cross stitch which seems to take for ever and ever).
So I stitched a bunch more. These will be patches to be appliqued unto bags some time in the future:

And this one will be put unto a bag for myself. I think it might take a little longer than the others though ;-)

Btw. those are all sublime stitching patterns, they are great!

Than I just have to show you these two necklaces I got in exchange for a cross stitch. I love them, but my mum claimed the red one...

I do still knit, but can't show you any of the secret projects. I can however show you how far I am with my MS3. Unfortunately, it's on hold at the moment untill the secret projects are finished.

And the last photo, I promise. I got this amazing dress at the fleamarket last week. I absolutely love it and though it was not upper cheap I think I still made a bargain. I will need a belt as it's a bit too big in the waist area, but that is already in the works too. It looks a lot better when it's worn!
Ok, till next time whenever that will be. Pretty busy at the moment and when I'm on the net than checking out other blogs is the priority...


Anonymous AmyP said...

Great bag - I love the idea of the skull glowing in the dark! I bet that would freak some people out!

2:45 PM, July 28, 2007  

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