Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Half because my craft supplies need sorting. Like a new system or something and new storage. The way it is now is chaotic and searching for things keeps me from crafting all too often(recently I searched for my hot glue gun, but only found the glue sticks for it!).
But the very next thing that I really need to tackle are my bags, about 2/3 of them are hanging on a wall coat rack, but the other third is piled up on the floor behind the door... I plan to get a second rack and place it above the first one. Maybe I will buy one later today, but it's a 15minute walk to the hardware store where I got the first one and I don't feel like going out at the moment.
Oh and there is also now a box of things I don't need anymore that will get listed on Ebay tomorrow or the day after unless there's anybody out there who wants some of it. I've got old german sewing magazines(79-82), two dutch children sewing magazines(Bizzkids), a couple of fabrics and a couple of other things. I will have a look through my fabric boxes up in the attic too as I've got way too much fabric. I will probably post pics tomorrow or so.


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