Thursday, August 02, 2007

I thought you were on a yarn diet?

That's what my mum said when I showed her this:

Well mum, I didn't buy this, I made it! I'm really proud of my latest homespun, it's the thinnest 2-ply I ever spun. Here's a better pic for size reference, the brown yarn is regular 4ply sock yarn:

The roving I spun is some of my selfdyed. It started out as yellow, blue + white and I predrafted it so that the colors would mix which worked quite well.

And today I finally managed to go getting my hair cut! I like the new hairdo, though I probably won't ever spend the time to blow-dry it like this...that just takes too much time better spend sleeping in the morning ;-) Besides I like my hair a bit wilder anyway.


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