Monday, November 21, 2005

No more...

...tea for me please! Urgh, can't see, taste or smell(ok, have to admitI don't smell anything at the moment) any tea anymore. Have been drinking soooo much tea, I'm really sick of it. But I have the feeling it helps...a bit...ok, I'm still

But I'm also proud of myself for going to uni nevertheless. Ok, I only had an hour an hour today and didn't went to the lecture(would have only disturbed it with this coughing) and I drove by car(nearly had a traffic jam again!), but I went there!

Enough whining! In knitting news, I finished the back of the CC-Sweater(I'm going to name it Cici) and continued knitting the front. This is an older update pic from this morning. Since I can't concentrate enough on my uni stuff I knitted.

I'm also proud of me cause I resist the temptation to buy fabric. They have some really, really beautifull coat fabric on sale. I thought about sewing my own coat, when I searched for a new one(last years coat is two!!! sizes to big now) and couldn't find a single one in my price range that I liked. It's too late now anyway, winter is here and I don't have the time to sew such complex stuff at the moment...but I was really tempted!


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