Saturday, November 19, 2005

sick again!

I hate it! Why am I sick again? I think the reason was wednesday when we took the car to the garage to have them check it(TÜV, if you know what that means). It was cold and I forgot to take a scarf with me...
So, I did not knit anything yesterday. Not one stitch!
But I have photos of my finished knits:
First Clapotis
It was really hard to block which was probably due to the multi-stranded yarn. I broke one pin during the process and a fingernail...sob...
It's somewhere in between scarf or shawl size.

This is the matching scarf for my coat. It was finished just in time cause it's freezing over here. We even had our first "snow". Which as "snow" always does around here melted within a second...

Yepp, that's a mini sock. It's cute , isn't it?
Omg, was I bored!

P.S.: SP, there's nothing in particular that I can think of that I would like from the UK(what a sentence!). I recently found out that one of the supermarkets around here carry cadbury choclat.


Blogger the knitrider said...

sorry ive been missing in action lately! your klaralund is gorgeous!!!!! thanks for the nice comments about my sweater! also your clapotis is beautiful too! im sure your blocking woes are worth all the trouble. I love my clapotis.. its perfect for any season for me. i hope you feel better soon!

12:20 AM, November 21, 2005  

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