Thursday, November 10, 2005

Urghh, what a week!

I barely had any time this week. Plus I barely had any time to knit!
I had to do a lot for university: homework, read the lectures notes for the lectures I didn't attend(my new semesters resolution is beeing totally ignored ;-)), read the lectures notes fot the lectures I actually did attend etc.
Plus I was on campus everyday of the week except for yesterday. Why is it that there's always a big traffic jam when I have something important to do? I was suppose to meet a fellow student on campus at noon. After 1.5 hours in this very large traffic jam(caused by a truck driving into two other trucks in the tunnel!) that equaled 4.7km I gave up. Unfortunately I didn't have that girls number and I'm not sure the E-mail address I have is the right one either. Boy, she must be pissed!

Want to hear bad news? I have to undo the sleeve seams on my Samus and reknit the top part of the sleeves. It's not even 80th style, it just huge! I will try to close the body part atleast 4cm and sub that from the sleeves. Wish me luck!
I guess I did some major miscalculation, cause my row gauge is off and I should have changed the decreases...which apparently I didn't(I can't remember).

But eventhough I only had minimum time, I was able to finish Clapotis just minutes ago. It will need some blocking, but it looks good sofar.


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