Sunday, December 18, 2005

only 6 days left!

And I still haven't finished Samus! Help!!!
Can't even say I didn't had the time to knit, cause I finished a pair of sock for me, a hat(christmas gift) and the Cici-sweater. But the thought of having to take apart Samus again and reknit(and recalculate!) both sleeves is just...cruel. It sounds somewhat boring and the only day I have enough time to do it is wendnesday when I don't have to go to campus at all(granted I managed to do my homework untill then). I also need to sew a skirt to wear on Christmas Eve...
Would love to post pics of my finished projects(especially the sweater and the odyssey aka sleeve cap construction), but I forgot to take pics when it was "bright" outside.
But look what my mum got for me from a woman that never ever met me:

It doesn't look like much on the pic, but that's three plastic bags full of yarn! Granted it's machine knitting yarn, but if you take multiple strands you can easily hand knit it too. I even did some test knitting with the white yarns, but have no idea what to use it for.
The woman is the landlord of one of my mum's patients and lives in the same house as said patient. Sometime she heard that I knit and found it nice that someone as young as me knits(hey, there are more of us around...somewhere). Isn't it nice of her? Probably going to knit her something.

Back to actual knitting, an hour ago I brought this pattern. I had planed on knitting something like this, but it's definately easier to follow a pattern than making up my own(and faster). I'll be using the black yarn of the now frogged black cardigan.

P.S.: Danke Uta. Natürlich finde ich jetzt die Banderole nicht mehr, ist wohl schon im Müll gelandet. Müsste aber Toffee oder so gewesen sein.


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