Friday, December 23, 2005

Whew, I made it!

Have you ever wondered why they tell you to wash swatches? Have you ever, like me, ignored it and not washed your swatch?
Well, there's a reason why you should do it and it's the same reason why I should have done it with the sock yarn I used for the two christmas gifts(btw, scarves) for my cousins.
Yep, I used sock yarn and in retroperspective all is clear. You know, sock yarn is made a little stretchy so they fit comfy and well, stretch...
On the other hand scarves should not stretch and if you knit something out of stretchy yarn, you should adjust to it...should...
I didn't and so I was two gifts short after washing the scarves and hanging them to dry(stupid, I know). I managed to finish two pairs of socks instead, but that means I had no time to finish Samus. One sleeve is finished and one to go- in less than 24 hours!
Panic? No, I'm not panicing, my mum knows that she probably won't get it tomorrow, so everything is fine...
...or not. Since I'm still one present short. While washing the scarves I also washed the head band for my aunt and though it has magically retrieved it's shape(was too big before), I don't really like it anymore. It's too small in height and barely covers the ears...if I had the time I would reknit it completely, but I don't!

In addition to this last minute and a bit of panic knitting, I can't reach my two best friends. I've tried to phone both for the last week. Either nobody answers or or I hear the busy signal. So they are still alive, but unreachable :-)
Granted I know they also tried to reach me, but than I was busy...Maybe we atleast manage to meet this year.

Happy christmas to you all as I'm probably not going to blog during the next few days. Have some nice days!


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