Tuesday, May 01, 2007


No, not mine(mine is in september *hint*hint*), my brothers 18th birthday is today! That little Schietb├╝ttel is now a grown up with the right to vote, drive(if he had a licence), drink the hard stuff(he doesn't even drink beer though), stay out as long as he wants and go into clubs(yeah, as if he would do that).
I've just spend the last few minutes blowing up ballons. I did 10 and my mum 8 and if she tells you otherwise, she's lying ;-)
I can't believe that my little brother is so old now, makes me even older! But then he hasn't really been little ever since puberty hit him(he had the nerv to become 3cm taller than me!).

More later, we are preparing to wake him up singing birthday songs in a few minutes ~btw. he had been up really late yesterday :-)



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