Sunday, April 22, 2007

I LOVE fleamarkets!

We went to three fleamarkets today and I brought something at everyone of them!
First these 7 vintage craft books for 2€!!! There's some really cute stuff in the kid books and the crochet one has a whole really big section about everything you could ever want to know about crochet. I just skipped through it, but a lot of techniques I had never seen are desribed in it and they even show how to connected different crochet forms like flowers and such.

Then at the second fleamarket was a really nice lady who wanted only 1€ for the bottom ribbon you can see in the next photo. And when I asked what everything would cost together she said: "Oh well, it's so nice to see young girls interested in crafts...what about 2€?"!!! I haven't measured them yet, but that's a bargain for sure!

And at the last fleamarket I got this bag full of zippers for 3.50€. It was a fantastic day! Crafty post tomorrow.



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