Friday, August 31, 2007

The Good, the Promising and the Bad

The Good:

This is my mum's new Kimono-style tunic I made for her birthday. It's a bit wide as it's none stretchy fabric, but we're going to solve that with sewing a belt thingy soon. She absolutely loves her new tunic and though she brought the fabric(ages ago it seems) and stored it in her room was totally clueless I had nicked it last Friday :-) It still needs the finishing touches, but I will do that this weekend.
I also made this card for her(Bl├╝tezeit=bloom time/prime-age...she's 49 now and I'm already collecting ideas for the big one next year ;-)):

The Promising:

My ripple blanket has grown so much since my last photo of it. Unfortunately I'm now completely out of yarn for it and it has to once again disappear into the black hole that is my closet...Have any left-overs you want to trade?

The Bad

That went totally wrong! I tried to make another dress from this: pattern.
Once again it seems that I have forgotten that I look like a stick now and it's much too wide! The solution could have been to sew some elastic to the skirt/belt part, but that didn't work very well either...
Any idea what else I can do with the fabric? Fortunately it was pretty cheap fabric and so no real loss.
And I ordered enough yarn at my LYS to knit myself a coat! I went there today and brought the first 1000g, if I need more(and I bet I will) than I can go back. I will loosely base it on this pattern: The yarn is a different one, but the gauge should match. I'm using "Jackengarn"/Linie 52 from Online in Color 21 which is a dark plum color (color chart).


Blogger Samsara said...

I like that Kimono top and the ripple blanket is lovely!

9:32 PM, September 03, 2007  
Blogger Becka the Spoiled Knitter said...

You are so busy and talented!! Love the kimono, the blanket is yummy! And the coat...just WOW!!!

9:49 PM, September 13, 2007  

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