Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm an a**

Why you ask? Because I forgot something completely and am quite ashamed of it...
I got some free yarn yesterday(6 skeins! but more on that belowe) and began thinking what I could knit out of it. I came across the Chevron Scarf(love ravelry for finding and bookmarking patterns!) and spend some time figuring the pattern out. Anyway I decided that the free yarn was probably a bit too thin and that I would make one with some of the other sock yarn I got first. I than remembered the Lorna's laces sock yarns I have, you know the two colorways and searched for photos of those on my blog, cause my sock yarn box is burried under tons of other stuff...I did only find one picture of those I swapped for, but none of the contest yarn I won!!!
I FORGOT to post it here! I'm so sorry Becky and don't know how that happened!
Well, back at the beginning of June(!) I won the contest on Beckys blog and got some fabulous Lorna's laces sockyarn at the end of June:

Isn't it a great colorway?! And I think I figured out why I forgot to post about it here, though that isn't a good excuse anyway. Around the time I got the yarn I had that Paypal mess with my Mystery shawl yarn...

Well and the free yarn that reminded me? I got six skeins by Mystical Creation Yarns from http://www.bockstarkknits.net/! I really like the colors but I don't think I would knit socks out of it, maybe lacey scarfs? And how nice is it to get six skeins for free?!!! She doesn't want anything in return either!

I've got more to blog about, but have no time at the moment, maybe tomorrow another crafty post.


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